Future tests

This category provides information on the dates of future tests and more detailed information.

  • 14-day stallion performance test
    (three- to four-year old stallions; those three-year-old stallions born on or later than June 1 shall not start the performance test before May 1)
  • 50-day stallion performance test
    (three- to seven-year old stallions; three-year-old stallions shall not start the performance test before October 1)
  • 3-day sport test especially for licensed stallions
    (four- to five-year old stallions)

More informations: HLP-Rules

Information about the registration of your stallion(s) for one of the stallion performance tests

Please note that the 14- or 50-day stallion performance tests will not be conducted unless at closing date of entries, a minimum of 20 registrations was received. For the sport tests for stallions, the minimum number of registrations is 10 stallions per discipline (5 stallions if the main focus is “eventing”). The exhibitors will be notified by email. In case of cancellation of a testing round, the affected exhibitors will be informed about the possibility to re-register with another test at the same fees.

What is new is that from 2016 on, the test fee for stallions that were not delivered will be forwarded to the respective testing station in order to reimburse them for the loss of profit. The administrative fee continues to remain with the German NF after the first deadline for registrations (see HLP guidelines BI5 and BII 6).


Frequently asked questions

This category provides answers to frequently asked questions arising with regard to the online registration for the stallion performance test. Please review these pages first to clarify your request before contacting our staff directly.


Test Period sort by Kind of Test sort by Testing station sort by Discipline sort by Places Deadline
06.03. - 08.03.2020Sportprüfung DressurVerdenDressur46/5024.02.2020
13.03. - 15.03.2020Sportprüfung SpringenVerdenSpringen48/5002.03.2020
20.03. - 22.03.2020Sportprüfung SpringenMünchen RiemSpringen19/2024.02.2020
20.03. - 22.03.2020Sportprüfung DressurMünchen RiemDressur20/2024.02.2020
02.04. - 15.04.202014-Tage VAMünchen RiemSpringen10/4005.03.2020
02.04. - 15.04.202014-Tage VASchlieckauDressur40/4005.03.2020
16.04. - 29.04.202014-Tage VAAdelheidsdorfDressur38/4019.03.2020
16.04. - 29.04.202014-Tage VANeustadt (Dosse)Springen40/4019.03.2020
07.05. - 20.05.202014-Tage VAAdelheidsdorfDressur/Springen35/4009.04.2020