Data privacy statement

All documents have been translated from German. In cases of doubt, the original German text shall prevail.

acc. to § 4 Tele Services Data Protection Act (TDDSG)
Please read through this statement carefully

By submitting your data, you expressively agree that the FN is entitled to collect, process and use the hereinafter mentioned personal data for the mentioned purposes. It is possible to revoke this agreement any time for the future.

§ 1
Responsible body

Responsible body in charge within the context of the German Data Protection Act is

Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e. V./German National Equestrian Federation

Bundesverband für Pferdesport und Pferdezucht/Federal Association for Equestrian Sports and Horse Breeding, Fédération Equestra Nationale (FN),
Executive Board: Sönke Lauterbauch (chairman), Dr. Dennis Peiler (deputy chairman), Dr. Klaus Miesner (member of the board), Rainer Reisloh (Member of the board)

Freiherr-von-Langen-Str. 13, D - 48231 Warendorf,
phone 02581 / 63 62-0, telefax 02581 / 6362105, e-mail:
District court Warendorf VR 393,
VAT-no.: DE 126734145,
hereinafter called “FN”.

§ 2
Inventory data

The FN collects, processes and uses the user’s personal data only without further consent, as long as this is necessary for the order execution or for accounting purposes. We normally store name, address, telephone number, email-address, bank connection, horse-related data and the names of the horses as well as the access data of the user (inventory data). These data are collected via the written or electronic registration forms.

§ 3
User data

Data like for example about the beginning, the end and the extent of using the teleservice by a user are only collected, processed and used provided this is necessary to make use of the service or for settlement purposes.
Basically date and time as well as time zone of the beginning and the end of the usage, data transfer and user IP-address will be stored.

§ 4
Settlement data

Provided data for settlement purposes are required (settlement data), they will be stored latest until six month after dispatch of invoice by the testing station or by the FN. More information will only be stored if and as long as the user raises objections against the invoice or if he doesn’t pay the invoice despite having received a reminder. Should it be necessary to store the data to meet existing legal, statutory or contractual storage periods, the FN is entitled to store them longer.

§ 5
Surrendering data for settlement purposes

The FN is entitled to surrender settlement data to third parties provided this is necessary to determine the compensation and for the settlement among the users. Provided the corresponding requirements are met, the FN shall be entitled to collect, to process and to use personal data with the purpose to uncover and to prevent any illegal use and to pursue its claims as well as the claims of the users amongst each other.

§ 6

The applicant agrees that the FN uses his personal data for the appropriate execution of the registration procedure and for the appropriate execution of the stallion performance test. In this respect, the applicant has been informed that the FN exercises a supervisory, approval and regulatory function when executing the stallion performance test. Besides, the accepted stallion performance testing stations have to be commissioned with the boarding, riding and other service offers. The applicant commits himself to conclude a separate contract with the corresponding testing station before delivering the stallion(s). This is the reason why the FN forwards the personal data such as name of the user, address, telephone number, email-address and data about the registered horse(s) to the corresponding testing stations.

Moreover, the applicant agrees that the data, particularly the core data and the results of his stallion(s) achieved at the performance test, will be forwarded to the responsible authorities to determine the breed value.

§ 7
Publication of data and results

The applicant agrees that the FN publishes his name, his place of residence, his membership in the corresponding breeders association as well as all scores and breed values of the named stallion, particularly on the Internet.

§ 8
Prosecution, transfer of data to public authorities

The FN shall be entitled – provided this shall become necessary – to process and to use personal data for the purpose of safeguarding overriding interests in disclosing an abuse in the registration system and for the purpose of prosecution even beyond the term of use, and to transmit these data to legal authorities and/or to third parties whose rights were violated if there is actual evidence of such an abuse.

§ 9
Information about stored data

The FN immediately follows a user’s request to reveal the stored data about his person free of charge. This information can also be made available electronically upon user’s request.

Current status: 28.06.2018