Stallion Performance Test of the German riding horse breeds

Four steps for registrating your stallion

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Welcome to the website of the stallion performance test for stallions of the German riding horse breeds(HLP). A new system has become essential as the government has withdrawn its responsibility to conduct the test. One of the most important changes is that stallions that are scheduled to participate in the performance test have to be registered online here. All applicants have to subscribe to this website before. The website provides plenty of information about the new stallion performance test for all those interested, complemented by dates, catalogues and results of the tests.

To register, please complete the form under “free registration” and return the completed, signed form. Your access will be activated as soon as we have received your written confirmation to participate at the direct debiting system.

Hengstleistungsprüfung 2023 - Statistik

Hier finden Sie Teilnehmerzahlen, Ergebnisse, Mittelwerte sowie weitere Informationen zu den Hengstleistungsprüfungen 2023.


Veranlagungsprüfung 2023

Statistik Veranlagungsprüfung (kurz) DRESSUR

Statistik Veranlagungsprüfung (kurz) SPRINGEN


Sportprüfungen 2023

Statistik Sportprüfung DRESSUR

Statistik Sportprüfung SPRINGEN


50-tägige Leistungsprüfungen 2023

Statistik 50-tägige Leistungsprüfung DRESSUR

Statistik 50-tägige Leistungsprüfung SPRINGEN




Current status: 05.01.2024

Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions

This category provides answers to frequently asked questions arising with regard to the online registration for the stallion performance test. Please review these pages first to clarify your request before contacting our staff directly. How to register a stallion for the HLP? Forgot my password – what do I have to do now?